How GreenBill works

Find out how easy it is to get started with GreenBill.

Compatible with all common POS systems

Our GreenBill Box is compatible with almost every POS system that can connect a receipt printer. In doing so, we are independent of software integration into your system and your printer remains fully operational.

Connectivity options:

Just get started!

You will receive the GreenBill Box including all necessary cables and connect it as a new printer to your cash register. Every receipt "printed" via this printer now automatically ends up in the GreenBill system.

The receipt appears immediately on a display (tablet or smartphone) without any noticeable delay and can be reviewed by the end customer. Now the customer can receive the receipt either via QR code scan or email or if not needed just "virtually" left behind in the store.

If the customer still wants a printed receipt, the print job is sent directly from the customer interface to the existing receipt printer.

Easy and fast installation


Connect the GreenBill Box

Plug the power supply of the GreenBill Box into a power outlet, whereupon a temporary wifi network is established. With the help of this temporary Wifi network, you can configure the box on your tablet or smartphone.

Here you can set how the box should connect to the Internet. It can communicate either via LAN, WLAN, or mobile radio.


Install our GreenBill box like a printer

In the next step, you need to set up how the print job should get from the cash register to the box - it can be connected to the cash registers as a network printer, USB printer, or connected via a serial cable.

Whether you need your POS dealer's assistance to do this depends on your POS system and your personal IT skills.

For tablet-based POS systems, such as Orderbird or Lightspeed (Gastrofix) this is a piece of cake.

If the box is used as a network printer, it can be assigned a fixed IP address. Alternatively, it can also search for an IP address automatically via DHCP.

When connected in a network environment, several cash registers can be connected to one Green Bill Box.


Creating a GreenBill Account

Im nächsten Schritt loggen Sie sich in Ihr GreenBill Konto ein.

Wir haben Ihnen bereits eine Willkommensmail mit den Login Daten geschickt. Auf können Sie sich anmelden.

Im Anschluss können Sie Ihre GreenBill-Box mit Ihrem Konto verknüpfen und Ihre persönlichen Einstellungen vornehmen.


Set up your customer display and open GreenBil

Any tablet or smartphone can be used as a customer display. No app needs to be installed. You simply can open your individual encrypted web link that provides our service. To use GreenBill, the tablet must have continuous Internet access via Wifi or cellular network.

Video Tutorials

Einrichten an einer Lightspeed Kasse

Sehen Sie in unserem kurzen Video, wie kinderleicht Sie GreenBill an einer Kasse von Lightspeed einrichten können.

By the way, this is just as easy on most other tablet-based POS systems.

Install GreenBill on an Orderbird POS system

Watch our short video to see how easy it is to set up GreenBill on an Orderbird cash register.